nFront Password Filter

nFront Password Filter is a password policy tool that prevents the use of weak, easily hacked passwords for Windows Active Directory. nFront Password Filter allows network administrators to create and enforce multiple granular password policies within a single Windows domain. nFront Password Filter can reject non-compliant passwords before they are allowed on the network. nFront Password Filter can scan a new password against over 2 million common passwords in less than 1 second. Also included is a client that lists the user’s specific password policy rules. All configuration is done via Group Policies (GPO) and the design contains no single point of failure and no “password policy server.” nFront Password Filter is used by many companies to meet SOX, PCI and HIPAA password compliance requirements.

nFront Web Password Change

The nFront Web Password Change is a password change portal for AD users which is "nFront Password Filter" aware. It is a small software package that you install on Internet Information Server. It understands the password policies defined with nFront Password Filter. When the user enters his or her name and tabs to the next field the password policy rules that apply to the specific account are retrieved and displayed.

nFront Account Disabler

nFront Account Disabler can automatically disable inactive and dormant accounts within your Windows Active Directory. Disabling inactive accounts is not only a security best practice but it is also part of the PCI compliance requirements and the IRS 1075 guideline.