30 July 2009
31 July 2009

nFront Client and PointSec


nFront Password Filter Client will not install and says "Another non-Microsoft GINA exists on this system. Installation cannot continue." This occurs on systems with PointSec installed.


PointSec uses a gina stub DLL and the system must be configured to "chain" to the altusgina.dll used by the nFront Password Filter Client.


The nFront Password Filter Client client simply requires one file:altusgina.dll. Since the file is encapsulated within the MSI package we maintain a zipped copy of all files used in the nFront Password Filter package.

  1. Download the individual files here in a zip format

  2. Copy altusgina.dll to c:\windows\system32 on each workstation.

  3. Make the following registry changes:

HKLM\Software\Pointsec Mobile Tech\Pointsec for PC\PrevGina = altusgina.dll

HKLM\Software\Pointsec Mobile Tech\Pointsec for PC\GinaOrder = pssogina.dll,altusgina.dll

HKLM\Software\Pointsec Mobile Tech\Pointsec for PC\CompatibleGinas = altusgina.dll

Reboot each client.  Upon the next boot the Pointsec Gina will call altusgina.dll.  You will know the nFront Client is working if you try to change your password and see the modified password change dialog box with the password requirements listed.

Affected Products

nFront Password Filter PointSec