17 March 2017
19 March 2017

What version of nFront Password Filter do I have?




Method for any OS:

Open Windows Explorer and drill down to c:\windows\system32.  Find PPRO-ENG.DLL.  Right-click the file and select Properties + Details.  The Product Version tells you the correct version.  Ignore the file version.

Version screen

On Windows 2003:

Start + Control Panel + Add or Remove Programs + highlight application + click link for "Click here for support information" and you will get a dialog box like this:


Version2 screen

On Windows 2008 / Server 2012 / Server 2016

Start + Control Panel + Programs + Programs  and Features  + select "Details" from the drop-down view options on the right of the title bar.  This will list all programs with several columns and one of the columns shows the software version.

Version3 screen

Version4 screen