27 March 2017
27 March 2017

How to update the nFront GPO with new template files


Sometimes the newer GPO adm files do not automatically update in the GPO editor when a new version is installed.  Here is a way to force an update of the files.


When you upgrade versions of nFront Password Filter the installer will copy newer versions of the GPO ADM templates to the Windows\inf folder on the DC.  If you edit the GPO from that DC it is supposed to refresh the ADM files that are in the GPO with the newer GPO ADM files in the Windows\inf folder.  See this Microsoft KB article for more information.  Our experience shows it does not always work correctly. 


You can manually force the system to use a newer GPO ADM file just by simply unloading the template and loading it back. This process forces it to read the newer file from the windows\inf folder. 


Here are the steps to manually refresh the template:

Open GPMC and edit the GPO that controls the nFront software (should be on the Domain Controllers container). 

  • Go to Computer Configuration + Policies + Administrative Templates + right-click + Add/Remove Templates. 
  • Remove the existing template.
  • Click Add…
  • Select the same template name from the windows\inf folder.
  • Click Close on the Add/Remove Templates dialog. 
  • The GPO should refresh the settings under the Classic Administrative Templates.

Affected Products

nFront Password Filter (any version).