5 June 2018
5 June 2018

nFront Password Filter Troubleshooting


This article includes the steps to solve over 90% of the support cases we see.  It should help you solve the issue independently or equip us to solve it for you much more quickly.  



Step 1: Do you have configuration settings on the DC?

On the DC where nFront Password Filter is installed check the registry to see if you have one of the two following keys:

HKLM\Software\Policies\Altus\PassfiltProMPE (for the MPE version)


HKLM\Software\Policies\Altus\PassfiltPro (for the SPE version)


If you do not see one of the keys above your GPO to control the software is missing or not correctly configured.  You should have one GPO with the default permissions of Authenticated Users.  The GPO should be linked to the Domain Controllers container and you should have the ADM/ADMX template loaded to target the correct version (SPE or MPE) you plan to run.  The configuration done in the GPO will appear in the registry on every DC in the domain. 


Next Step: Generate a Debug File

See this online article for steps to generate a debug file.  Be sure to test with a password that meets your Windows domain password policy requirements, otherwise the nFront software will never be called because the LSA always checks the password against the Windows domain policy before calling any third party filters.  If you are unsure of your domain password policy launch an administrative command window and type "net accounts."  The output will show the Windows domain password policy settings.  It will not show the complexity rule so keep in mind if that is turned on you need 3 of 4 character sets.  Most customers use dictionary checking and block the word "summer" so I suggest you test with a password like "Summer2018", "Summer2019", etc.  The debug file will tell you why the software is not working.  It may be due to expired test codes, a typo in the registration or maintenance code, a licensing issue, a configuration issue, etc. 



If the debug file does not explain the behavior please email us the debug file with a description of the test case/scenario such that we can help.  You can email the file to [email protected]