21 February 2008
2 March 2009

nFront Password Filter (Passfilt Pro) Command Line Uninstallation


You would like to remove an older version Passfilt Pro which was not packaged with Installshield. You see no listing for Passfilt Pro or Passfilt Pro Uninstall in the Start Menu or Control Panel + Add/Remove Programs.


Versions of Passfilt Pro SPE prior to 3.5x installed a password filter named PASSFILT. Versions of Passfilt Pro MPE prior to 3.5x installed a password filter named PASSFILT or PPROMPE and also installedl a service which displasy as "Passfilt Pro Group Filter Service." Some older versions were not packaged with installshield and inlcuded a command line install and uninstall program. The command line install and uninstall utilities were packaged with the original zip file.

The command line uninstaller will:

  • Remove PASSFILT and PPROMPE from the following registry key:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Notification Packages

  • Remove the Passfilt Pro Group Filter Service.


  1. Download the Passfilt Pro Command Line Uninstaller here
  2. Open a command window and run the installer using the following syntax:

    uninstall \\servername

You can run the uninstaller against remote systems as long as you have administrative privileges on them and remote registry access.

Affected Products

Passfilt Pro SPE or MPE (versions prior to 3.5x)