21 February 2008
28 February 2008

nFront Password Filter (Passfilt Pro) Client only displays standard Windows error message.


Passfilt Pro Client only displays standard Windows error message.


The client will display the standard Windows error message if the new password meets Passfilt Pro rules but fails any Windows password policy rules set at the domain level. 

Below is a screenshot of the Windows Password Policy settings.  You can configure these settings via Default Domain Policy + Computer Configuration + Windows Settings + Security Settings + Account Policies + Password Policy.

Suppose the Passfilt Pro rules are:

  • min length = 4 characters

  • password must include 1 numeric character

  • password cannot contain the userid

Suppose the Windows Password policy above is in place.  Suppose the user tries the following new passwords:

New Password Resulting error message
2Dogs The password meets the requirements for Passfilt Pro.  However, the password fails to meet the minimum of 6 characters set in the Windows Password Policy.

Error Message: Standard Windows error message.

TwoCats The password fails the Passfilt Pro rules.  The password does not include a numeric character.

Error Message: Passfilt Pro error message.

2Dogs1Goat The password meets the rules for Passfilt Pro.  The password may or may not meet the Windows Password Policy rules.  If the password exactly matches any of the previous 6 passwords the user will get the Standard Windows error message.  If the current password is less than 3 days old the user will get a Windows error message saying "The password on this account cannot be changed at this time." 

Error Message: Depends

Error message if password in password history buffer.

Error message if current password is not older than 3 days.

Successful change is old password is older than
3 days and new password has not been used in
the previous 6 passwords.

Affected Products

Passfilt Pro Client

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